Choornikkara Rice

Choornikkara rice is a new brand of rice which is grown from a land which was earlier stinking garbage land that had eaten up the fading paddy fields of Choornikkara in Aluva of Kerala.

Bringing the Transformation

Urbanisation had strongly hit the village of Choornikkara. With municipal towns coming up on three sides, there were only about 200 of the 350 acres of fields suitable for cultivation. In the lure of higher income, the farmers shifted to other occupations. Slowly the paddy fields of Choornikkara slowly became a ground for dumping waste.

The transformation was made possible by the Adayalam, a self-help group. The group took the land on lease and undertook waste removal. Later they undertook renovation to make the land suitable for cultivation and undertook paddy cultivation along with other crops. The rice from these fields are now sold under the brand Choornikkara rice.