China's Jade Rabbit makes soft landing on Moon

China’s Chang’e-3 lunar spacecraft which is carrying its first moon rover Yutu or Jade Rabbit rover made a “soft landing” on the moon since 1976. With this accomplishment China has joined the elite club of the US and Russia to achieve this feat. The probe touched down on an ancient 400-kilometre (250-mile) wide plain known in Latin as Sinus Iridum, or The Bay of Rainbows.

What is Soft Landing?

Soft Landing is a landing by a spacecraft on the moon or a planet at a sufficiently low velocity for the equipment or occupants to remain unharmed.

About Chang’e-3 lunar probe
  • China’s first lunar rover mission aimed at exploring the Moon’s surface and looking for natural resources such as rare metals.
  • Launching Site: Xichang Xichang Satellite Launch Center in China’s southwestern Sichuan province
  • Launched on: December 2, 2013
  • Carrier: Long March-3B
  • Key Payload: Six-wheeled robotic rover called Yutu (or Jade Rabbit) and a landing module.
  • Landing Site: Sinus Iridum, or The Bay of Rainbows in the Moon’s northern hemisphere.



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