China warns cattle imports as India notifies OIE about cattle disease in Odisha

The Chinese Government has issued warnings against import of cattle and related products from India. The warning comes after India submitted its notification about “lumpy skin disease” virus in cattle to the World Organization of Animal Health (OIE).

China does not officially import buffalo meat from India. However, a large quantity of beef gets smuggled into China through roads and ports.


India notified to OIE that the outbreak of disease was in August. Also, there were three cases and all three were from the state of Odisha. The main purpose of the organization is to control epizootic diseases. Epizootic is a disease that is prevalent in nonhuman animal population that is analogous to epidemic in humans.

World Organization of Animal Health

OIE is an intergovernmental organization that supports, coordinates and promotes animal disease control. The organization was formed in 1924 as Office International des Epizooties and hence the name OIE. However, in 2003, it became the World Organization for Animal Health retaining its historical name.

Lumpy skin disease

It is an infectious disease in cattle that reduces milk production, causes infertility, poor growth and chronic debility. The disease is caused by the virus Poxviridae. The virus is also called the Neethling virus. The disease causes permanent damage to the skin of the animals and hence has great economic implications.




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