China successfully launches Kunpeng-1B sounding rocket

China has successfully launched the Kunpeng-1B sounding rocket equipped with a new altitude control system.
It was launched from a launch pad in Danzhou City in the southern Chinese Hainan Province.

About Kunpeng-1B sounding rocket

  • Kunpeng-1B sounding rocket is research rocket for carrying measurements in the upper atmosphere and to help in high-speed flight and space tourism research.
  • The rocket was made of new materials of flexible carbon fibre to enable easier flight. The head of the rocket was equipped with a new altitude control system.
  • Its falling ball experiment detection has important scientific significance as it will further help to study of low latitudes in the ionosphere and in the upper atmosphere.

Earlier China had launched its first Kunpeng-1 Sounding Rocket in April 2013.
About Sounding rockets: They are low-cost launch vehicles designed to carry scientific instruments that take measurements during the rocket’s sub-orbital flight. They are sometimes called a research rocket.



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