China sign two agreements with Sudan to build nuclear reactor

China has signed two agreements with Sudan, its close ally in Africa to build 600-megawatt (MW) atomic reactor. It was the first of its kind project to be built by China in African country.
The two framework agreements in this regard have been signed by state-owned China National Nuclear Corp (CNNC) with Sudan. These agreements include nuclear power development and building a 600 MW atomic reactor.
Key facts

  • These agreements may involve a blueprint for nuclear power development for Sudan in the next decade and building the first nuclear power station in the country.
  • As part of agreement, CNNC has not disclosed the contract value and also the type of nuclear technology to be used for the reactor.
  • But experts believe that China may use its homegrown reactor design Hualong One, a type of third-generation technology.
  • In recent years, Sudan has faced power shortages and is seeking to build two 600-MW pressurised water nuclear reactors to meet the growing demand for electricity.

China in Nuclear Production

  • China being house world’s largest number of reactors under construction is planning to use its experience into nuclear exports to other countries.
  • Chinese nuclear companies are making huge inroads in global nuclear markets, including Britain and Argentina.
  • Earlier CNNC had clinched deals with Argentina to build two nuclear reactors. CGN, another domestic energy giant, has partnered with Electricite de France to build 3 reactors in Britain.
  • China already has a long standing nuclear cooperation with Pakistan as it has built several nuclear power reactors and is currently building two 1100 mw reactors in Karachi.



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