China to set up International Maritime Judicial Centre

China’s Supreme Court has decided to set up its own International Maritime Judicial Centre (IMJC) to handle territorial disputes and protect its sea rights.
It was announced by China’s Supreme Court Chief Justice Zhou Qiang at the annual meeting of the national legislature National People’s Congress (NPC).
This move will help China to bolster its claims in the disputed South and East China seas and also help it become a maritime power.

  • Presently China is locked in disputes with its neighbours over claims in the resource-rich South China Sea.
  • The tensions have risen recently over China’s aggressive land reclamation continues to build artificial islands, airport runways and facilities on disputed reefs.
  • Usually International maritime disputes between countries are usually brought before the United Nation’s International Court of Justice (ICJ).
  • Earlier Philippines had filed an arbitration case against China over their competing claims in the South China Sea. But China has refused to participate.
For more details: South China Sea Dispute



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