China prepares to outsmart Windows and Android

China is reportedly en-route to launch its indigenous operating system which will give direct competition to Microsoft Windows and Google Android. This is said to be chiefly done to reduce Chinese dependence on US technology. The platform will be standard for all users in public and private domain with no difference whatsoever. The project is taken care by a collaboration of experienced developers under the guidelines of Guangnan Ni, the one who co-founded Chinese computer-maker Lenovo in 1984. He is very respected in China for his technical know-how and expertise.
China had done such experiments before also in 2001 when it made its own operating system for its military operations in one of its topmost military universities. It was called Kylin.China has also ventured into operating system via its another OS, the China Operating System(COS).
Guangnan in a media interview told that the new operating system is not being built from scratch but on the same model of Google’s android platform. The Chinese government which has complete control on the Chinese software market will help Chinese to adopt the new software.
The friction between China and US over the software started when more than two-thirds of Chinese computers came to an absolute halt as Microsoft had ended its support for Windows XP. This frustration had led China to blacklist Microsoft Windows 8, banning it especially from all government systems. The new OS is seen to be developing to pose a challenge to the Microsoft monopoly on the operating system market. Another valid reason is the threat posed by US spying, which was unearthed by Snowden. Snowden’s revelations had shocked the world and the world governments over the disbelief they had caused.
China presupposes that US can get a backdoor entry into the operating system giants and thus gain valuable information about China’s private affairs.
The operating system is expected to hit the markets in October 2014.



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