China Observatory Detects Sources of Gamma Rays

Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory (LHAASO) of China has recently detected dozen sources of ultra-high-energy gamma rays.

Key Facts

LHAASO cosmic ray observatory has discovered 12 sources of ultrahigh-energy photons. It has also detected a photon with energy level of 1.4 peta-electron volt. All these sources are located at positions in milky way galaxy and it can be measured with an accuracy of greater than 0.3°. They are the brightest Milky Way gamma ray sources discovered till date.

Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory (LHAASO)

LHAASO is a gamma-ray and cosmic-ray observatory located at Daocheng in Sichuan province of China. The observatory has been designed to observe air showers that are triggered by gamma rays and cosmic rays. It has been set at the altitude of 4,410 metres above sea level. It started observation in April 2019 over an area of 145 hectares.

Observation Pool

The observatory comprises of three underground observing pools. One of the pools is designed to comprise 100,000 tonnes of water. All the pools comprise of 12 telescopes which helps in capturing high-energy photons.

About Sichuan province

It is a landlocked province located in Southwest China. It occupies most of Sichuan Basin and easternmost part of Tibetan Plateau. Capital city of Sichuan is Chengdu. Sichuan has the population of about 81 million




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