China launches newly-developed smaller version Long March-6 carrier rocket

China has successfully launched a newly-developed smaller version of carrier rocket Long March-6 as part of the country’s space program.
It was launched from the base in the Northern Province of Shanxi and was carrying 20 micro satellites into the space.

Facts about Long March-6

  • Long March-6 is 29.3 meter in length and is smallest version of carrier rocket in the Long March family.
  • Fuel: It uses liquid propellant fuel composed of liquid oxygen and kerosene, which is purportedly pollution and toxicity free.
  • Payload Capacity: Capable of taking satellites into the orbit at an altitude of 700 kilometers with carrying capacity of one ton of payload.
  • Commercial satellite launches: These smaller rocket carries will help to make China more competitive in the lucrative market for commercial satellite launches. Presently, China launches its own satellites along with satellites of other countries and commercial companies.

It should be noted that China’s Long March rocket family has been named after an epic journey by Communist forces led by Mao Zedong escaping the then ruling Kuomintang in the 1930s.



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