China kicks off Silk Road infrastructure project worth $79.8bn in Gansu province

China has launched a massive Silk Road infrastructure project worth $79.8 billion in the northwest province of Gansu as part of its ambitious Silk Road plan.
These project will facilitate trade and people exchanges between China and central Asian Countries.
Key facts

  • It will be six-year Silk Road development project. On its completion it is going to add more than 60,000 kilometres of road network including 4,070 km expressways. Thus improving the connectivity of the existing transportation network.
  • This project will also build 12 civilian airports in the next six years. Thus, expanding the air service reach to 82 per cent of the province’s population.
  • Gansu province does not share its borders with any central Asian countries but it will be an important part of the Silk Road Economic Belt.

About Silk Road projects

The Silk Road projects are part of China’s ambitious Silk Route plan, which involves maze of roads and ports connecting Asia, Europe and Africa.
These projects aims to revive China’s trade links especially its declining exports besides globally enhancing its sphere of influence.



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