China imposes Visa restrictions on US individuals over Hong Kong

On June 29, 2020, China announced that it will impose Visa restrictions on US individuals who have “Egregious Conduct” related to Hong Kong issues.


The United States had recently imposed sanctions against unnamed Chinese officials that US believe are responsible for curbing freedom in Hong Kong.

What is the issue?

The Parliament of China recently drafted the National Security Law. According to the law, the autonomy of Hong Kong was reduced. China through the law took over the defence and external affairs powers of the city.

US announced new sanctions in response to the law. Also, the United States imposed visa restrictions to Chinese officials. According to the US, these officials were responsible for eviscerating freedom of Hong Kong. However, the names of the individuals were not announced.

US Concerns

US has been using Hong Kong as a gateway to reach China. With China taking over the external affairs powers of Hong Kong, the trade of US would be greatly affected.

It is to be noted that US suffers from trade deficit with China and has been trying ways to balance this lately.




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