China forest fire: 30 dead

Around 30 people killed including 27 fire fighters in China. The fire broke on Saturday in Siachuan province. The sudden change in the wind direction caused a huge fire ball. The local authorities employed 689 people to put off the fire. The fire was blazing at an altitude of 3, 800 metres.

The team sent are still trying to put off the fire. The fire burnt 27 of the fighters alive. No other causalities were reported. At least 9, 000 people evacuated their homes after the fire broke.

The Forest fire had first broke out at a remote spot on March 30 around 6 pm in Muli County. Around 600 fire fighters were put out to extinguish the fire and it was put out successfully. It engulfed 15 hectares of land then.

Recently, after its extinguishing, it was rekindled by the lightning. The sources say that the lightning is the cause of the second ire. This fire has burnt around 5 to 10 hectares of land. The spread of the fire was so rapid mainly because of the windy weather.

It is more unlikely for winds during spring. This season is bringing catastrophic disasters that are likely to be abnormal. The unusual cold storms in the US, forest fires in China and US, twin cyclones in Australia, all this account to the climate change that has recently been accelerated.


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