China expresses concern over India’s role in South China Sea issue

China seems a little disturbed with India voicing its concern over the tensions in the South China Sea. Chinese Foreign Ministry said India need “not worry too much” about the issue.
The remarks from China came in response to India voicing its “concern” over the recent developments in the South China Sea where Chinese and Vietnamese ships had a tense standoff. These tensions have intensified with China’s oil rig’s attempts for oil exploration in the waters of disputed islands claimed by both countries.
China was critical of reactions by the US and Japan over the region last week. China objected to India’s ONGC participating in the drilling in the area specified by Vietnam which Beijing called disputed. Both Vietnam and the Philippines together with Malaysia and Brunei have serious disputes with China in the South China Sea and have been exhorting ASEAN to take a firm stand against Beijing on the issue. China also objected to the Philippines arresting 11 Chinese fishermen in the disputed waters.
Recent development over South China Sea: 

  • Vietnam wants India to ‘rise quickly’ in the South-East region as it expressed concerns over China’s rising assertiveness in the South China Sea. The comments came a few days after Chinese and Vietnamese ships had a tense stand-off. Link: ‘Rise quickly’ to counter China: Vietnam to India




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