Chhattisgarh tribals denied sterilisation facilities for three decades

Primitive Tribal Groups (PTGs) have been denied of sterilization facilities for three decades. It was happening due to misinterpretation of an order issued in 1979 by the then Madhya Pradesh government during the period when targets were set to attain population control.

  • However, 26 blocks were exempted from this, which had a high population of PTGs, now re-named Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs), as the infant mortality rate was very high in the tribal areas and their numbers were fast declining. These groups are Behor, Pahari Korvas, Abhujmadias, Kamar and Baiga.

While the order held that an exception should be made for tribal communities whose population was either stagnant or was decreasing and that they should have access to other contraceptives if they required, it was understood as a blanket ban on sterilizations for these groups and has been implemented as such since then.



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