Centre launches Secured Logistics Documents Exchange

The government has launched the Secured Logistics Document Exchange. A Calculator for Green House Gas Emissions has also been launched.


  • The initiative has been launched to reduce logistics cost, improve logistics efficiency and sustainability and promote multi-modality in a big way.
  • These digital initiatives have been launched by the government to fill the gaps where no action has been taken either by the government or the private players of the country.
  • More than 75 participants from the Banks, Central Ministries, IT companies, industry bodies, international organizations and the logistics sector stakeholders were present during the launch event.

Why was this initiative launched?

The initiative was launched so that a digital transformation can be done in the logistics sector of the country to achieve the targets of improving the country’s ranking in Logistics Performance Index, establishment of indigenous India-specific metrics and reduction in logistics cost which will help in the improvement Of India’s logistics.

Logistics Division

The Logistics Division has planned digital initiatives with the aim of integrating various digital systems across the various departments and ministries.

SLDE platform

SLDE platform for the digital exchange of logistics related documents and a Calculator for GHG emissions have been developed. The SLDE platform will look to replace the present manual process of exchange, generation and compliance of the related logistics documents with a secure, digitized and a seamless document exchange system. This will enable the storage, generation, and interchange of logistics-related documents digitally using Blockchain and Aadhaar based security protocols for data authentication and security. It will also help in lowering shipping cost and reducing carbon footprint.

Calculator for GHG emissions

The GHG Calculator is a user-friendly tool that provides for comparing and calculating GHG emissions across different modes. This calculator allows for a comparison which will be made commodity wise of GHG emissions, total cost of transportation, including the environmental cost, between movement by rail and road.




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