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In which part of India Slash and Burn agriculture is practiced?

In which part of India Slash and Burn agriculture is practiced?Slash and burn practice involves the cutting and burning of forests or woodlands to create fields for agriculture or pasture. It is a part of the shifting cultivation and is practiced in Hilly Regions of the country particularly in North East Hills. In world, 200-500 ..


Some facts From Recently released Reports of Food and Agriculture Organization

As per a UN Food and Agriculture Organization FAO (Headquarters -Rome, Established October 16, 1945, member 191) discussion paper published recently, climate change will have a severe impact on food security and this could lead to increased dependency of many developing countries on food imports. Some facts: The worst affected countries will be countries that ..


Macro Management of Agriculture

The Macro Management of Agriculture Scheme is one of the centrally-sponsored schemes formulated with the objective to ensure that central assistance is spent on focused and specific interventions for the development of agriculture in states. It became operational in 2000-01 in all states and UTs. The scheme provides sufficient flexibility to the states to develop ..


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Preliminary Examination Soil Science – D.K Das Or Brady Agronomy By Yellamananda Reddy Plant Breeding By B.D. Singh Genetics By B.D. Singh Physiology By Pandey & Singha Indroduction To Horticulture – Kumar Handbook Of Agriculture By ICAR Agricultural Economics and Farm Management Agricultural Extension Education in India For Main Examination: Soil Science – D.K Das ..