CARUNA: An initiative by the civil servants to fight against COVID-19

On April 4, 2020, the associations of civil servants formed an initiative called CARUNA. CARUNA is Civil Services Associations Reach to Support Natural Disasters.


CARUNA is a collaborative platform. It includes IAS and IPS officers. The platform is to be represented by NGO, industry leaders, IT professionals along with the civil servants. The initiative is being launched to support government efforts to fight Corona Virus.

What is the role of CARUNA?

As civil servants are spread out all over the country, the initiative is an ideal platform to assist and supplement government effort. It will help in generating data base of information about migration, medical equipment, essential supplies, ventilators and masks.

The initiative will help address shortages at district level. These officers are to work along the empowered inter-ministerial panel set up earlier by the GoI to handle COVID-19 crisis in the country.

The CARUNA will also work towards augmenting human resources, facilitating supply chain, information dissemination, public awareness, data management, welfare measures, etc.




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