CARE to Improve Quality of Journals

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has launched the Consortium of Academic and Research Ethics (CARE) to identify, continuously monitor and maintain quality journals across disciplines. CARE has prepared a CARE Reference List of Quality Journals which is available at the website.

Why the initiative was launched?

An investigation paper led by Professor Bhushan Patwardhan had found only 112 journals of 1,009 recommended by universities and included in the white list met the criteria set by UGC to be included in the list and 88% journals were dubious

This high instance of the dubious journals had adversely impacted the image of UGC and as well as India at the international stage. Hence the Consortium for Academic and Research Ethics was established by the UGC to scrutinise and then compile a list of quality journals.

UGC which is the principal funding agency for the universities aims to effectively discharge the responsibility of setting up academic standards and ensuring that they are followed through the Consortium for Academic and Research Ethics (CARE).


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