C40 cities climate summit

The C40 Summit is to take place in Copenhagen between 9th October and 12th October, 2019. The aim of the summit is to show how cities are delivering their strong commitments for healthier, sustainable, resilient and inclusive future.

The 2019 summit in specific aims to build global coalition of cities, citizens and businesses that rallies around ambitious climate action that the earth needs right now.

About C40

The summit connects more than 94 of the world’s greatest cities. The cities constitute to more than 700 million population which is one – fourth of the global economy. The mayors of these cities are dedicated in delivering the goals of Paris Agreement.

The 2019 marks 14 – year establishment of C40 Leadership group. The organization takes its climate actions through city – to – city collaboration.

The summit intends to Paris agreement of climate change as well.

The summit was launched in London in 2005 when the then London Mayor convened representatives from 18 megacities.




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