BSNL to Offer Data Connectivity Services via SMS in India

BSNL has signed a partnership agreement with the French company Be-Bound to offer data connectivity through SMS in areas where there is no Internet connectivity or signal breaks.

How it will work?

The working of technology is explained below:

  • The SMS based data connectivity will work with the help of a technology embedded in a mobile App.
  • The app will detect if the user’s area has poor network connectivity. If yes, then the app will send commands to the Be-Bound server.
  • This commands would be sent send SMS from the user’s account.
  • Be-Bound server will facilitate SMS based data connectivity after getting a command from the app.
  • The connectivity is based on SMS sent to and fro between the app and the Be-Bound server.

This technology was first introduced in France and it is also being tested in some of the African countries. In India, BSNL is in talks with some apps to implement the technology.




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