British PM David Cameron led Conservative Party wins 2015 general election

In the 2015 United Kingdom Parliamentary elections, Prime Minister David Cameron led Conservative Party has won the election.
Conservative Party by winning 331 seats out of total 650 seats in House of Commons has emerged single largest party in this general election.
Conservative Party received 36.9% vote share of the total national vote. With this win, David Cameron will become Prime Minister for second term.
Labour Party has won 232 seats with 30.4%  vote share, emerging as largest opposition party.
Scottish National Party (SNP) has emerged third largest party in this election by winning 56 seats with 9% of vote share. SNP has won 56 seats of the 59 seats from Scotland.

  • In general elections, voting takes place in all parliamentary constituencies across the country to elect Members of Parliament (MPs) of House of Commons i.e. the lower house of Parliament.
  • 2015 United Kingdom general election was held on 7 May 2015 to elect the 56th Parliament of the United Kingdom.
  • In this election the voter turnout was around 66.1%.



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