Britain launches airstrikes against IS-controlled oil fields in Syria

Britain has launched airstrikes against Islamic State (IS)-controlled oil fields in Syria after parliamentarians in the House of Commons overwhelmingly voted for military action.
In this regard, a motion for voting was forwarded in the House of Commons and it received 397 members votes including 66 opposition Labour member in favour of it.
After the support of Parliament, British warplanes of Royal Air Force conducted six strikes against IS-controlled Omar oil fields in Syria from its base in Akrotiri, Cyprus.
The ruling government of Britain has taken this decision in lines with the resolution2249 (2015) passed by United National Security Council (UNSC). The resolution had called on all nations to re-double and co-ordinate their collection action to prevent further attacks by IS and other extremist groups.
United States has welcomed the vote by the British Parliament as it would more teeth to the global anti-terror coalition forces to fight IS militants and expand their strategy to defeat terrorist group. Russia also has welcomed Britain’s decision as it aimed at combating terrorism and the fight against IS.



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