Boundary Between Solar System and Interstellar Space Mapped

Scientists have created first-ever 3D map of boundary between our solar system and interstellar space called Heliosphere. 3D map was created using data from NASA’s IBEX satellite.

Key Points

  • Boundary of heliosphere has been mapped for the first time.
  • It will provide for scientists to understand how solar and interstellar winds interact.
  • Earlier, this boundary was mentioned in theories of Physics models.
  • This is the first-time scientists were able to measure it and make its three-dimensional map.

What is Heliosphere?

Heliosphere, created by sun, is a vast bubble-like region of space surrounding the sun. It is a cavity formed by Sun in surrounding interstellar medium. Bubble of heliosphere is continuously inflated by solar winds. The solar plasma provides a way to interstellar plasma, outside the heliosphere, permeating Milky Way galaxy. Radiation levels inside and outside the heliosphere differs. Galactic cosmic rays are less abundant it. Thus, planets inside are partly shielded from their impact. Heliosphere is the area under influence of Sun. Its edge is decided by heliospheric magnetic field and solar wind from Sun.

Who coined Heliosphere?

Heliosphere was coined by Alexander J. Dessler. He used this word in his scientific literature, called heliophysics, in 1967. Heliophysics includes space weather and space climate.




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