Blackbuck Poaching in Bihar

The recent arrest of a policeman in Bihar for poaching a blackbuck is another addition to the rising number of illegal poaching amidst the countrywide lockdown condition.


The blackbuck or the Indian antelope is an antelope species noted for its soft two-toned black coat and the long twisted horns. They are said to be nervous in nature- sometimes even dying of heart attack after sensing danger.


Blackbucks are found in India, Nepal and Pakistan. Though it was historically found in Bangladesh, it is now extinct there. They are largely confined to protect areas, such as the Blackbuck Conservation Area in Nepal, in recent times.


The animal is protected under schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. Hence hunting the blackbuck will invite a prison term of up to 7 years. Yet, as many as 139 blackbucks have been illegally hunted in the last decade. Most of these poaching cases were recorded in Madhya Pradesh. They are mainly hunted for their meat and their horns as trophy.



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