Beijing Imposed New Restrictions on US Diplomats

Beijing has imposed “reciprocal restrictions” on all American diplomats in China and Hongkong. This step was taken by China in response to restrictions imposed on its embassy staff in the United States. The ministry said that unspecified countermeasures will be applied to all US embassy and consulate staff. By taking these measures, China also urge the US to repeal its wrong decisions.

Other conflicts

  • USA has complained about a lack of reciprocity in access to media.
  • USA said that Chinese diplomats put their views across U.S. outlets while American representatives are stopped by Chinese media.
  • Most recently, People’s Daily newspaper of Communist party, refused to publish an op-ed by Ambassador Terry Branstad by responding that it did not meet the editorial standards.
  • Earlier, U.S. ordered to close the Chinese Consulate in Houston in July 2020. In response, China ordered to close the U.S. Consulate in the southwestern city of Chengdu.
  • The U.S. had also reduced the number of Chinese citizens working for U.S. state media outlets.
  • U.S. have also reduced the length of visas from one year to three months.

Conflict between US and China started with the Economic War.  In early 2018, US and China were involved in Trade War by raising tariffs by about $50 billion on each other’s goods. Also, in September 2019, the US has imposed 15% tariffs on imports from China This caused a 25% export loss to China. This conflict also led to the global economic slowdown since supply chains got disrupted. Further, U.S. passed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019 and also proposed the Uighur Act that escalated the tensions. Currently, USA blame China for COVID-19 pandemic and is involving into a technology war in the areas of artificial intelligence, digital space, 5G including the proposal to ban Chinese Apps.




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