Bangaladeh confers Liberation War Honour on Pranab Mukherjee

Bangladesh has extended his gratitude by conferring Liberation War Honor Award on Indian President Pranab Mukherjee, for his "outstanding contribution" to the 1971 war even as the country sees a massive youth-led uprising for "justice" for those who died in the conflict.

  • India, during the tenure of Indira Gandhi as PM, had fought the 1971 war against East Pakistan for the independence and creation of Bangladesh.
  • Mukherjee, in his acceptance speech made on June 15, 1971 in Rajya Sabha for a discussion over India’s role in the war, had suggested that India should accord diplomatic recognition to the government of Bangladesh in exile in Mujibnagar.
  • In 2011, Bangladesh had conferred its highest honor, the Bangladesh Freedom Honour, former Indian premier Indira Gandhi posthumously, for her contribution to the creation of Bangladesh.



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