Australian court revokes environmental approval for Adani's Carmichael coal mine

Adani Mining got set back from Australia’s Federal court as it overturned its government environmental approval for the Carmichael coal mine under construction in the Australian.
Adani’s project of USD 16 billion was overturned by Federal court as Environmentalist claimed the project will damage the Great Barrier Reef, groundwater at its site and it carbon emissions.
Australian Federal Court strike down Environment Ministry’s 2014 approval to Adani Mining as it fails to include conditions to protect the yakka skink and ornamental snake.
Under this project Adani had planned to ship millions tonnes of coal a year to India but faced opposition from environmentalist since it started work on the mine in 2010.
In reply to court order Adani stated that the there was technical error from Environment Ministry in presenting certain document while finalising approval and will re-apply for approval by meeting all necessary terms.
Carmichael Coal Mine:
It is a proposed coal mine in the north of the Galilee Basin owned by Adani Mining. The produce of 60 million tonnes of coal a year with total extract of 4 billion tonnes is expected from this mine.
The operating life of the mine is estimated to 90 years and will be the largest in Australia. The major extract from this mine is planned to be exported to India.



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