Atal Innovation Mission joins with several ministries to stimulate innovation in India

On February 5, 2020, the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) joined hands with several ministries such as MSME, agriculture, food processing and also with NITI Aayog to stimulate innovation in India. The mission aimed to showcase government funded innovations.


In order to achieve its objective, AIM began its first demo session with the Ministry of Food Processing and Ministry of Agriculture. The event was held at Atal Incubation Centre. More than 30 government supported technologies of agriculture and food processing were exhibited on the occasion. The ministries will adopt the technologies and train farmers and the youths to set up processing units.


The step is being initiated as India is facing post-harvest crop processing. The mission aims to increase the food processing capacity of India. Currently, 10% of the food items are sold as processed foods. The mission aims to increase this to 50%. This will mainly help to increase farmers’ income and help India achieve its doubling farmers’ income goal by 2022.




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