Army to set up its own mini air force

Army which recently won the conflict with the IAF to get heavy-duty attack helicopters of its own, it is now is now aiming to create its own mini air force.

Army has approved the setting up of a permanent cadre for the Army Aviation Corps (AAC) by the end of 2102, which will operate light observation and attack helicopters in the short-term and medium-lift choppers and even fixed-wing aircraft in the long-term.

  • Nations such as the US, China and Pakistan have a dedicated aviation wing within their armies.

What is the current scenario?
Currently, the AAC operates around 250 light helicopters like Druv, Cheetah and Chetak, while attack and medium-lift choppers have always been with IAF. The Army has demanded one attack helicopter squadron (10-12 choppers) for the establishment of its three "strike" formations –

  • Corps (Mathura)
  • Corps (Ambala)
  • Corps (Bhopal)

In addition, it has plans to induct another 114 ‘Rudra’ light combat helicopters for the 10 ‘pivot’ corps.

What IAF is worried about?

  • As per IAF it will lead to duplication of efforts and waste of scarce resources.



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