Army Commanders Conference

The October 2019, iteration of the Army Commander Conference was conducted between October 14 and October 18, 2019. Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh addressed the conference. All important issues such as operational readiness of the field formation, issues related to higher defence management, aspects of organizational restructuring and reforms were debated in the conference

About the conference

The Army Commanders conferred in New Delhi to procure slow moving UAVs. These vehicles are known as loiter munition drones to counter threat from across the border. A loiter munition drone is designed to engage beyond line-of-sight ground targets. They are mainly helpful in providing the infantry the capability to strike when they move carrying out surveillance.

Highlights of the conference

  • The major decision of the army commanders conference was procurement of slow-moving UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). These UAVs are highly helpful in countering threats across border. The decision of the conference came after the IB (Intelligence Bureau) submitted a detailed report on Pakistan drones.
  • It was also decided to frame artificial intelligence-based solutions to carry out surveillance at high altitude border areas.
  • At the conference more than 40 companies showcased their defense equipment




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