April WPI inflation at 4.89%, lowest in last three and a half year

As per government data, the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) in April rose 4.89% which is the lowest since November 2009.
WPI inflation in the manufactured items category decreased to 3.41% in April from 4.07% in March. Also, inflation in food articles category, which has a 14.34% share in the WPI basket, slipped to 6.08%. Inflation in this category was at 8.73% in March. The decline in food inflation was facilitated by a sharp drop in prices of vegetables. Inflation in vegetables stood at (-) 9.05% in April, against (-)0.95% in the previous month.
The retail inflation, as evaluated by Consumer Price Index (CPI), declined to single digit at 9.39% in April after many months, showing a easing trend in inflation.



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