Apple India re-launched production of iPhone 4

Screenshot_6Apple India re-launched the production of iPhone 4 in India, Indonesia and Brazil. This is the first time that the American technology giant Apple has resumed the production of a discontinued phone. The company prides itself on pushing the design and technology envelope with every release and progressively stops the sale of older models.

Why American technology giant Apple restarted the production of iPhone 4?
Apple Inc. ceased the selling of iPhone 4 in many countries, owing to the launch of the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. Due to this move, Apple lost the share and growth slowed in the last quarter in the markets of India, Brazil and Indonesia. Thus, to resume the growth Apple re-launched the product iPhone 4 in these countries.

  • The lower cost iPhone will help Apple to recoup market share in these countries.
  • This combat market leaders Samsung’s Grand and S4 Mini. Apple’s Foxconn vendor in China has restarted production of the iPhone 4. 

Note: The entry level iPhone 5s sells for Rs. 53,500 in India, while the entry level iPhone 5c is Rs. 41,900. The reintroduced 8GB iPhone 4 retails for Rs. 22,900.



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