Amul Thapar: Second Indian Judge to US Circuit Court of Appeals

United States senate has confirmed Amul Thapar as a judge to the Cincinnati-based Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. With this appointment he has become only the second Indian-American judge of an appeals court. Thapar was confirmed by senate by a 52-44 vote. Thapar has become President Trump’s second judicial nominee to get confirmed after Senate’s approval.
In 2013, Shri Srnivasan became the first Indian to get appointed to the DC circuit court of appeals by President Barak Obama. He was the first Indian American  to be appointed as the judge to the American counterpart of India’s high courts.

Amul Thapar

Amul Thapar was born to the Indian immigrants Raj Thapar and Veena Bhalla. He studies law at University of California, Berkeley. In 2008, he was appointed to the US District Court of Kentucky by former President George W. Bush. Earlier, he has served as the US attorney for the Eastern District of Kentucky and assistant US Attorney in the Southern District of Ohio and Washington DC.



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