Amol Rajan: U.K.’s first non-white editor

Amol Rajan, a Kolkata-born journalist, has created history by becoming the first non-white editor of a British national newspaper, The Independent. This is for the first time in the history of Fleet Street which has been a dominance of whites at top posts.
Mr. Rajan moved to Britain at the age of three and studied English at Cambridge University. Before joining The Independent as a reporter, he worked briefly for the London Evening Standard and Channel 5.
What is Fleet Street?
Fleet Street is a street in the City of London named after the River Fleet, London’s largest underground river. It was the home of British national newspapers until the 1980s. Even though the last major British news office, Reuters, left in 2005, the term Fleet Street continues to be used as ametonym for the British national press.



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