America is Natural Global Partner: Modi

PM Narendra Modi is on his maiden visit to US. The visit is expected to usher a new era of partnership between India and US as both sides are eagerly looking forward to events which will unfold in the next few days. PM Modi has expressed a lot of enthusiasm and positivity from the partnership. PM Modi told media before leaving for US that India and US share values which are of global relevance and significance.PM also expressed that the complementary strengths of two strongest democracies have to be channelized towards broad-based and inclusive growth to change lives and livelihoods of people across the globe. He enumerated the common interests in stakes in various ventures in each other’s success.
The growing menace of terrorism and extremism in the world calls for urgent action to secure seas, cyber space and outer space. The partnership has huge potential for advancing global peace, security and stability in Asia and Pacific regions. The visit becomes even more imperative especially after he was denied a US visa in 2005 in the aftermath of Gujarat riots which happened in 2002. The visit thus marks end of 9 year US travel ban on Modi. This lift up of ban was also marked by important visits by officials like Nancy Powell, Chuck Hagel, Joe Biden and John Kerry. “This is a moment of flux in the global order. I am confident in the destiny of our two nations, because democracy is the greatest source of renewal and, with the right conditions, offers the best opportunity for the human spirit to flourish,” Modi said. “With sensitivity to each other’s point of view and the confidence of our friendship, we can contribute to more concerted international efforts to meet the pressing global challenges of our times.”
The bilateral relations of India and US had taken a dip due to poor policy choices in India on matters of nuclear policy, taxation, IT, and trade at large. PM Modi is highly hopeful of better relations and will seek to end the trade stagnation.