Amartya Sen conferred Spain’s Top Award in Social Science

Indian economist and Nobel Laureate, Amartya Kumar Sen, was conferred with “Princess of Asturias Award” in social sciences category which is Spain’s top prize. He was selected out of 41 candidates from 20 countries.

Why he was selected?

Amartya Sen was selected for his best-known work- “Poverty and Famines”.

About the Award

Sen has been conferred which Spain’s highest prize in social science category for called “Princess of Asturias Award”. It comprises of a Joan Miro sculpture as a symbol, an insignia, a diploma, and a cash prize of 50,000 Euros. His candidature was forwarded by Director General of Casa Asia (Barcelona), Javier Parrondo.

Sen’s views on Poverty and famines

In this work, Sen has demonstrated, “hunger is not a result of lack of food, but is result of inequalities in its mechanisms of distribution.

About Amartya Kumar Sen

He is an Indian economist and philosopher. He has taught and worked in United Kingdom and United States since 1972. He has made contributions to welfare economics, economic and social justice, social choice theory, economic theories of famines, development economics, decision theory, public health etc. Currently, he is a professor in Thomas W. Lamont University and Professor of Economics & Philosophy at Harvard University.

His achievement

In 1998, he has been awarded with Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences and Bharat Ratna in 1999 in  category of welfare economics. 2020 Peace Prize of the German Book Trade was conferred on him by German Publishers and Booksellers Association for his scholarship on ïssues of global justice and combating social inequality in education & healthcare”.




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