“Akbar – The Aesthete”: Dr. Indu Anand’s book launched

The Vice President of India, Mr. M. Hamid Ansari launched a book titled “Akbar – The Aesthete” authored by Dr. Indu Anand in New Delhi.
About “Akbar-The Aesthete” book
Screenshot_4The book is a presentation of the miniatures of Mughal era of Jalal-ud-Din Muhammad Akbar.
The most powerful Mughal emperor, Akbar was a great aesthete and promoter of arts. Eminent Persian and Indian artists thronged his Royal Studio and were encouraged to paint numerous emotive miniatures of style and substance, communicating highly complex narratives.
The miniatures of Mughal period are a vivid account of cultural, sociopolitical scenario of its era.
Combines the sources and methodology of history and art history of the Mughal era and analyzes a selected group of paintings of Akbar’s reign. These miniatures are a beautiful manifestation of human expressions, vividly encapsulating moments of history for posterity. 
Definition: Aesthete’- “A person who recognizes and values beauty in art, music, etc.”