“Ahimsa” book authored by Supriya Kelkar

Screenwriter Supriya Kelkar has authored the book “Ahimsa”, which will be published in India in August 2018. Her debut novel will sheds light on the Indian freedom movement, which is inspired by her great-grandmother’s experience working with Mahatma Gandhi. In 1942, after Gandhi ji asked one member of each family to join the non-violent freedom movement, 10-year-old Anjali was devastated to think that her father will risk his life for the country. But he’s not the one joining. Anjali’s mother was. As the family got more and more involved in the cause, Anjali gives up her privileges and confronts her prejudices to ensure her little contribution to the movement is complete. “Ahimsa”, published by Scholastic India, is essentially about female empowerment and overcoming one’s internal struggles and giving up one’s biases.


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