“AGNEEPRASTHA”, the Missile Park: Foundation Stone laid

On May 29, 2020, foundation stone for a missile park called “Agneeprastha” was laid at INS Kalinga.


The Missile Park aims to provide information about the history of INS Kalinga. The main attraction of the park is the P-70 Ametist. It is an anti-ship missile that is launched under water. The Missile Park will also be a motivational arena for minds that are interested in missiles and missile technologies.

The missile park is to be dedicated to officers, sailors and other support staff that have served in support of INS Kalinga.

Solar Power Plant

The Park is to operate on solar power. A 2 MW Solar Photo voltaic plant was commissioned at INS Kalinga as well.

The plant is a part of the National Solar Mission of GoI. It will aid the GoI to achieve its target of 100 GW of solar power by 2022.

INS Kalinga

The INS Kalinga is an Indian Navy establishment that reports to the Eastern Naval Command. It is located in Vishakhapatnam.




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