Affiliation Charter Signed between Assam Rifles and Indian Coast Guard

An Affiliation Charter was signed between 3rd (Naga Hills) Battalion of Assam Rifles and Indian Coast Guard Ship  (ICGS) Shaurya.

Objectives of the Affiliation Charter

  • To promote bilateral cooperation between the Assam Rifles and the ICG in the field of exchange of information/personnel, build-up camaraderie for training, sports/adventure and sustainable development.
  • To facilitate the ‘Sentinels of the North East’ (Assam Rifles) to interact with the ‘Sentinels of the Seas’ (Indian Coast Guard) on professional and social platforms and share rich experiences and best practices.

As a result of the Affiliation Charter, the personnel from Assam Rifles will get an opportunity to understand the peculiarities of a Maritime Service (Indian Coast Guard) and their role in guarding and intercepting the anti-national forces/non-state actors detrimental to the maritime/coastal security. In a same way the personnel of ICG will get an opportunity to see and understand the operational ethos of the Assam Rifles working along the Indo-Myanmar border.


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