Acclaimed US novelist EL Doctorow passes away

Acclaimed United States novelist Edgar Lawrence Doctorow passed away in New York due to lung cancer. He was 84.
His works was known for historical fiction i.e. re-imagination of the American experience and placing fictional characters in recognisable historical contexts and was famous for his novels Ragtime and Billy Bathgate.

About Edgar Lawrence Doctorow

  • EL Doctorow was born on January 6, 1931 in Bronx, New York.
  • Novelist Career: His debut novel Welcome to Hard Times was published in 1960. In his 50 year long career, he has published around 12 novels, 2 books of short fiction, a stage drama and numerous essays.
  • His breakthrough novel Ragtime was published in 1975 and later Billy Bathgate (1989) and The March (2005) were published. Several of his novels were turned into movies.
  • Awards: National Book Award for fiction (1986) for World’s Fair, National Book Critics Circle award (1989) for Billy Bathgate and again same award in 2005 for The March.
  • He was also bestowed US government’s Library of Congress Prize for American Fiction (2014).



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