8th Edition of National Seed Congress begins in Hyderabad

The Eighth edition of National Seed Congress (NSC) has begun in Hyderabad to deliberate on advanced seed development technologies and regulatory measures.
The event was formally inaugurated by the Telangana state Agriculture Minister Shrinivasa Reddy and has been organized by Union Agriculture Ministry.
The three day congress aims to provide common platform to all stakeholders to discuss a variety of issues including advances in seed development technologies and various seed policies with respect to the seed industry.
In this edition of Seed Congress, over 600 delegates are taking part from national and international research and development agencies such as ICRISAT. Over dozen breakout sessions are being organised along with a special session dedicated for seed development to promote Telangana as the seed bowl of the country. About 80 progressive farmers involved in the seed development are also going to take part in the congress.

About National Seed Congress

  • It is an annual event organised by Union Agriculture Minister organised in different states.
  • Aim: To address farmers issues for accessing quality seeds of new varieties through an innovative seed supply system.
  • This system seeks to facilitate the development of new plant varieties and the delivery of high quality seed varieties to farmers to further increase crop productivity, food Security and economic development.



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