6th Economic Census Report: Arunachal Pradesh has the highest proportion of hired workers among all Arunachal Pradeshs

As per the the 6th Economic Census Report 2013, Arunachal Pradesh has the maximum percentage of hired workers amongst all states, including in segments like education and health.

  • Percentage of female hired workers in Arunachal Pradesh: 30.3%
  • Growth rate in the number of establishments over the 5th Economic Census is 34.09% and that of total employment is 17.73%
  • Growth rate of total number of persons employed over 5th Economic Census 2005 has been recorded at all India level at 34.73% but at Arunachal Pradesh level it is 17.73%,.
  • Total number of establishments in the Arunachal Pradesh is 36,602 with the 19,288 of them in rural and 17,314 in urban areas. The number of establishments in urban areas has increased at 83.22%, which is more than 3 times the population growth. This development is owing to the fact that in between the 5th and 6th Economic Census 10 districts or SDO headquarters having concentration of establishment has been notified as urban areas.
  • But in rural areas, the increase of 8.08% is found to be 3 times less than the population growth.
  • The average number of workers per establishments was found to be higher than the national average in spite of the having the lowest population density and scarce workers.

The 6th Economic census was organized by the Department of Economics and Statistics in association with the district administration in 2013. The activities covered in the 6th Economic Census have a share of about 86% in total GDP of the country.