5G is the fifth generation cellular network technology which is provided via the 5G networks. These are digital cellular networks where the service area to be covered is divided into small geographical areas called cells by the network providers.

All 5G wireless devices in every cell will communicate by radio waves with a local antenna array and low power automated transceiver (transmitter and receiver) in the cell.

Advantages of 5G

As per the tech experts, 5G networks offer-

  • offer faster data rates
  • have reduced latency in data
  • provide significant energy savings
  • have the potential for cost reductions
  • can provide a higher system capacity
  • significantly improve device connectivity

Also, the 5G-powered internet of things (IoT) devices can be used to undertake surveillance.

Geopolitics of 5G

Since 5G is the next frontier of technology, nations and tech entrepreneurs are being motivated to channel the 5G market as it would lead to greater returns in the future. Currently, China leads the world in 5G patents with over 3,400 5G patents, ahead of South Korea, which has 2,051. The U.S. is currently at number three with 1,368 patents.

What IoT enables?

The use of IoT technology enables the production of items as smartphones, smart wristbands, smart locks, drones, self-driving cars, surveillance cameras which can provide pervasive real-time information to the user and if misused, to any surveillance body.



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