4th International Dharma-Dhamma Conference held in Nalanda

The 4th International Dharma-Dhamma Conference on “State and Social Order in Dharma-Dhamma Traditions” was held at Rajgir in Nalanda district, Bihar. It was inaugurated by President Ram Nath Kovind.
The event was organised as part of commemorative events to celebrate Silver Jubilee (25) year of ASEAN-India Dialogue Partnership. (ASEAN: Association of Southeast Asian Nations)

Key Facts

The Conference was organised by Nalanda University, in collaboration with Centre for Study of Religion and Society, India Foundation, Ministry of External Affairs and Vietnam Buddhist University. Its central theme was the ideal state and just social order based on dharmic principles.
The conference aimed to facilitate crosspollination of ideas and foster harmony at global level. It also focused to explore shared values of dharmic traditions, which may provide the guiding light to troubled world today. It was attended by 20-30 plenary speakers and around 60 papers were presented by participants from 11 countries.



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