3rd Tortoise Festival organised in Assam

3rd Tortoise Festival was organised on the banks of Hajong Lake in Dima Hasao district of Assam by Dima Hasao Environment and Forest Department.
This festival aims to create awareness among the villagers surrounding villages of Hajong Lake about the safety of the endangered tortoise species available in the area.

Key facts

  • Hajong Lake is popularly known as the tortoise lake, is a natural habitat of the few unique tortoise i.e. hill terrapins.
  • It is situated 80 kilometres north of Haflong in the remote Dima Hasao district.
  • Hajong Lake is the only natural tortoise habitat in Assam, where some endangered species of tide-water tortoise of north-east India are still living.
  • It is facing a hostile condition due to ever-growing human intervention in their habitats and at present, there are around 400 to 500 tortoises dwelling in this Lake.



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