3rd Edition of ILO Monitor released

The 3rd edition of ILO Monitor report titled ‘COVID-19 and the world of work’ was released recently. It called for “urgent, targeted and flexible measures” to support businesses and workers.

On Workplace and Business Closure

  • With the lifting of workplace closures in China, the percentage of workers living in countries with workplace closure (recommended/ required) has decreased from 81% to 68%.
  • As of April 22nd, 2020, 81% of employers and 66% of own-account workers are in countries with recommended/ required workplace closure.

Loss in Working Hours

  • 5% decline in global working hours compared to pre-pandemic situation.
  • The 2nd quarter of 2020 is to see a 10.5% decline in working hours compared to pre-pandemic situation.
  • Greatest loss in working hours will be in the Americas, Europe and the Central Asia.

Enterprises at Risk

  • About 436 million enterprises facing serious risk of disruption.
  • Over half of these enterprises (232 million) are in wholesale and retail trade. 45% of employment in this category is represented by own account workers.
  • Own account workers and small enterprises are some of the most vulnerable categories.
  • Informal sector workers are also highly vulnerable. Their earnings dropped 60% in the first month of the crisis. This decline is largest in Africa and Latin America.



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