30 July- World Day against Trafficking in Persons

The World Day against Trafficking in Persons is observed every year on July 30 and this is the 20th anniversary of the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and its historic Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children. The day is meant to create awareness about the condition of victims of human trafficking and to promote and protect their rights.


The first such World Day against Trafficking in Persons was observed in 2013 when the United Nations designated 30th July as this. The same year, the United Nations General Assembly held a high-level meeting to form a global plan of action to tackle this issue.

Need for Action

According to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, over 2 lakhs victims of trafficking have been detected worldwide since the year 2003. At the global level, the governments are detecting and reporting more victims and also are working to convict more traffickers. Hence, a concerted effort is required at the global level to tackle trans-national cases also.

The theme of World Day against Trafficking in Persons, 2020

The theme of this year’s World Day against Trafficking is dedicated to the first responders to human trafficking. According to the UN, the first responders are those who work in different fields like identifying, supporting, counselling and working to provide justice to the trafficking victims. These are also people who are dedicatedly working to challenge the impunity of traffickers.

Why this theme?

The role of the first responders has increased amid the COVID 19 pandemic with restrictions on movement. The detection of trafficking cases has become very difficult during these times but these people are still doing their duties. That is why the UN Office On Drugs and Crime has decided to honour them during these trying times.

Blue Heart Campaign by UN

The United Nations has initiated ‘The Blue Heart Campaign’ to increase global awareness to fight human trafficking and its impact on society. It encourages the involvement of the governments, civil society, the corporates and the individuals to inspire action and help prevent this heinous crime going on throughout the world.




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