25 years of mobile telephony in India

The Prime Minister has congratulated the telecom industry in the country for completing 25 years of mobile telephony in the country. The Department of Telecommunications and the Cellular Operators Association of India organized a special online event ‘Desh Ki Digital Udaan’ to commemorate this occasion.


The PM has appreciated the contribution made by the Department of Telecommunications, telecom companies and the COAI in the growth of the telecom sector in the country. It used to be a privilege back then but now it has seriously become a tool for empowerment for the citizens of the country. There is also focus on digital mobility since it gives various kinds of mobility to the citizens of the country starting from social, economic and informational mobility. The government is also focusing on the JAM program in which the telecom sector is going to play a very important role.

Way ahead

The industry body COAI has iterated on the importance of seamless connectivity in the world. Now it has become the nervous system of the society and the industry is committed to working towards a truly world-class digital ecosystem of the future with the help of all the stakeholders, especially the government.




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