14th India-Singapore Defence Policy Dialogue

Recently India and Singapore conducted the fourteenth Defence Policy Dialogue via video conferencing. The conference was Co-chaired by Defence Secretary Dr Ajay Kumar Permanent Secretary (Defence), and his Singaporean counterpart Mr Chan Heng Kee. The delegates discussed a number of issues of high importance between both the nations.

Major Highlights

While reaffirming the commitment to further enhance the security partnership between the two countries both the officials discussed a number of issues of bilateral defence engagements between both the country. Both the countries at the end of the meeting signed the Implementing Arrangement on Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief (HADR).In the year 2015, the Singapore-India Defence Policy Dialogue was established under the revised Defence Cooperation Agreement signed in 2015. The agreement served as a regular forum for both countries to discuss mutual defence cooperation, as well as exchange views on strategic issues and geopolitical developments.

Singapore-India Defence Cooperation Agreement

It was on 24 November 2015, when India and Singapore first signed the agreement for the strategic relationship. The agreement then included a number of high priority agenda. Further taking the agreement ahead in the year 2018, the then Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and her Singaporean counterpart Ng Eng Hen. The agreement ensures deep cooperation in maritime activity. Against the backdrop of China’s increasing military movements in the Indo-Pacific region both the countries granted freedom of navigation in critical sea lanes. The fruitful meeting also discussed on combating terrorism and providing naval facilities and logistics support to each other.




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